Sponsors and Donors

Below you will find a list of our donors and sponsors. They have given students the opportunity to learn what it takes to help others through sustainable engineering projects. They have believed in what we do and because of it we have been able to grow. We would like for everyone to know that we are thankful for their contributions and that without them we wouldn't be here today.


Aggies Go Global


Aggies Go Global has made it possible for us to do what we do. They are always there to help students travel. Special shout out to Gary Lowe and Angelina Palumbo for helping our organization. 

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General Dynamics


General dynamics were generous with the Nicaragua 2017 project. With their help we were able to attain the material we needed for the steel and truss pedestrian bridge. 

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Rotary Club - Alamogordo, NM


Rotary Club of Alamogordo has been with us through every Nicaraguan and Bolivian bridge made.  They are always supportive, especially Norm Arnold, who is a member of this club. He is also a professional photographer and has taken incredible pictures of many bridge projects. 

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Wanzek  sponsored our group for the Puerto Rico project. Concepcion, an employee and NMSU alumni, helped us not only financially but physically. She took time out of her schedule to help us build a bridge in Puerto Rico.

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Mark Petrie and Sheryl White


Mark and Sheryl have been supporters of AWL for many years and both are NMSU alumni.  Sheryl is one of the most sought after educational consultants in the state of NM and Mark is a Professional Engineer specializing in renewable energy. 

Wilson Family Nut Farm - Las Cruces, NM


The Wilson Family Nut Farm has their name on four AWL bridges from two different countries. This is due thanks to their generous donations.  It is said that some day they will be making a world tour of all these bridges. Should be a great trip!

Make a Statement Donors

Make a Statement has been a wonderful platform at NMSU that has helped us reach out to our local community for financial support. Contributions through Make a Statement have been generous for our projects in Nicaragua 2017, and Puerto Rico 2018. Below is a link to the platform list of donors. 

Donor Wall

2017-2018 Donors

Alan & Pam Lambeth

Barbara & Frank Koseliski

Graciela Unguez

John Peterson

Kyel Newberry

Leslie Patterson

Carol Dyer

Kenny Stevens

Camille Stevens-Rumann

David Castellanos

Ravi Shah

Jack Kirby

Fidel and Rosemarie Sanchez

Adriana Erives Gonzalez

Ed Pines

Tony Perez