Welcome to Aggies Without Limits of NMSU

About Us

Our Mission

   Our Mission is “to bring students, faculty and community members together to improve the daily lives of developing communities through sustainable infrastructure."  

Our History

 Aggies Without Limits of New Mexico State University was founded in the spring of 2007.  We are a nonprofit organization established to partner with developing communities worldwide in order to improve their quality of life.  Aggies Without Limits helps those in need through involvement in sustainable engineering projects while at the same time fostering the development of internationally and environmentally responsible students and professionals.  Our members are not just engineering students, but people from all walks of life who want to give back to the planet through advocacy and activity.  

How We Work

All  around the world communities lack basic infrastructure such as potable  water systems, roads, bridges, schools, and health care centers.  Aggies  Without Limits picks two new projects every year, one local project and  one international project.   We take into consideration all ideas that  are submitted to us and from there our membership decides which project  will be most beneficial to the largest number of people.  Once a project  is selected we begin the long processes of design, scheduling and  budgeting. The community is also researched and we establish contact  with both community leaders and local political leaders.  We then  proceed by choosing project managers who will be in charge of directing  the process, helping with the engineering design and organizing both the  student and community membership for the task ahead.  We are  continuously involved in various fundraising activities that support the  project and pay for member’s traveling expenses.  Once we complete the  design, logistics, and fundraising to it’s time to move to the  implementation phase of the project where we work side by side with the  community to construct the project.


Aggies Without Limits' vision is that all people have unrestricted access to basic needs and that progress is not limited by lack of infrastructure. 


Created by Gregory Valencia, an NMSU alumni, individual symbols represent the following:


Shooting Star

The people involved in the group rising above with each project accomplished


The work put into each project


Crossing over to different countries to help people


Nucleus of helping different people in the world

Inverted Triangle

Symbol of water (life)

Officers 2019-2020

President: Jonathan Ortiz


 Major: Mechanical Engineering

email: jortiz1@nmsu.edu

Vice-President: Joshua Barrera


 Major: Civil Engineering

email: joshua63@nmsu.edu

Secretary: Emily Radell


Treasurer: Alessa Ibanez


VP of Finance: Grace Igwe


Fall Project Manager: Ulysses Pedregon


Fall Project Manager: Greg Albright


Major: Civil Engineering

email: bikebeas@nmsu.edu

Media Editor: Selena Solis


Major: Civil Engineering Technology

email: selena07@nmsu.edu

Media Editor: Monica Perez


Major: Civil Engineering Technology

email: mperez8@nmsu.edu

Media Editor: Yomara Rios-Laurenzana


Major: Civil Engineering Technology

email: yomarar3@nmsu.edu

E-Council Representative: Daniel Pacheco


E-Council Representative: Bryanna Torres