Puerto Rico 2018

With hurricane Maria destroying most of Puerto Rico, we decided to head there even though it wasn't international. The project we completed was a suspended pedestrian bridge in Utuado, Puerto Rico! It reached 240 ft., was about $40,000 of material and it was completed in June! This brought about the collaboration with Engineers for a Sustainable World from UTEP. Dr. Ivonne Santiago, professor at UTEP, had several conversations with the community organizer and mayor from Utuado. She is from Puerto Rico and is a professional engineer licensed in Puerto Rico. With her help we were able to find a project and bring in a whole new dynamic to our group! Shout out to ESW-UTEP for helping us out! They brought in a total of 10 students to help us out and their advisor, Dr. Ivonne Santiago. We brought a total of 30 students from NMSU and our advisor Kenny Stevens and Dr. Sonya Cooper, the biggest group so far for a project!



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