Rancho Nuevo II, Queretaro


In the summer of  2014 Aggies Without Limits travelled to Querétaro Mexico to complete the  reconstruction of a community center. The original building was much  smaller and had deteriorated so that it was no longer considered  serviceable or structurally sound. The new center is a 30 by 15 foot,  single room building, constructed of cinder block. A rainwater  harvesting system, oak wood rafters, hand sculpted rafter tails, south  facing windows, plaster finish, and corrugated galvanized steel roofing  are just few of the many features that complete the building. The total  project time, including design and construction, took approximately 6  months, of which only four weeks were designated to the erection of the  building. The building not only serves as a community center, but also  as a primary school and facility for basic health needs, serving  approximately 100 people. This project was successful by the  contribution and through coalition of the community and government of  Querétaro and our many sponsors.