Puerto Rico

About the Project

The project was a suspended pedestrian bridge in Utuado, Puerto Rico! It reached 200 ft., was about $40,000 of material and it was completed in June! This brought about the collaboration with Engineers for a Sustainable World from UTEP. Dr. Ivonne Santiago, professor at UTEP, has had several conversations with the community organizer and mayor from Utuado. She is from Puerto Rico and is a professional engineer licensed in Puerto Rico. With her help we were able to find a project and bring in a whole new dynamic to our group! Shout out to ESW-UTEP for helping us out!

Upcoming Events

We completed the suspended pedestrian bridge with 30 students from NMSU and 10 students from ESW-UTEP!  We are currently working on sharing our story from Puerto Rico! Thank you to our advisers, donors, sponsors, and volunteers for the wonderful experience! We are also working on finding new projects, recruiting, and getting ready for another year! We hope to get going once fall semester starts!

Foxhole Homes

Foxhole Homes

Foxhole Homes has been recognized as a not for profit corporation. Their mission is to provide sustainable housing and community for Veterans in need.


Aggies Without Limits committed to help out 4 weekends during the spring semester. Pictures of this event will be updated no later than August.  We are also preparing to find our next local project! Reach out to us if you need any help or have any suggestions!

Previous Work

Summer 2016, Aggies Without Limits went to Alamogordo to test Rammed earth and Adobe. This was to help figure out which was best suited for housing.