Current Projects


Over the summer of 2016, Aggies Without Limits partnered with Foxhole Homes with the aim to begin construction for a community to fight veteran homelessness. Bringing this community to fruition will ultimately aid veterans who suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress by creating sustainable housing, as well as a stable collective where veterans and their families can build relationships. In the summer of 2015 we returned to Nicaragua to work on a bridge in the community of Oyanca, municipality of La Trinidad; this was our third project in Nicaragua. In the summer of 2013 we worked on a bridge rehabilitation project in the community of Santa Teresa, municipality of Condega. And during the summer of 2011 we partnered with the community of, Hondura Azul in the same municipality to build our first suspended pedestrian bridge there in Nicaragua.

We are currently in communication with partners in Nicaragua discussing the possibilities for a project in the Summer of 2017. Aggies Without Limits will travel to Central America once more, and build a wooden truss bridge for a community in El Potrero, Nicaragua. This bridge will affect close to 20 families living in the lower parts of the valley by cutting their trek to the Pan American Highway, and granting them with a route in times of heavy flood. The Pan American Highway eases the flow into La Trinidad, a mid sized municipality with a population of about 20,500. La Trinidad is the main stop for healthcare, supplies, and other necessities typically granted to us here in the States.


This past year we partnered with La Semilla whose main goal is to help reestablish locally grown, healthy, whole, and affordable foods into the community. We constructed a systematic rain catcher with the purpose of reintroducing that water to the crops as a proactive solution for drought conditions. In 2014 we partnered with the Mesilla Valley Community of Hope (MVCH).  MVCH is an alliance of agencies that addresses homelessness in Las Cruces, New Mexico. The professional directors and staff of each agency are dedicated to helping clients obtain services that meet basic human needs and offer life-changing opportunities such as education, counseling and job training. 

Camp Hope is an alternative transitional living project for the homeless in the form of camping, located on the MVCH campus.  To assist with MVCH’s efforts to bring the
camp into code compliance, Aggies Without Limits is putting together a site and drainage plan, as well as ideas for the long term maintenance of the camp. 

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